Potty training twins: A parenting challenge

There is nothing like the challenge of keeping up a constant supply of diapers or pull ups to motivate parents to start potty training twins. By the time your little darlings become toddlers, you might be raring to go out, buy a potty and get started.

For some parents, potty training seems to happen easily. Others struggle to help their twins get it down. Sometimes parents are more ready for potty training than the kids. Patience and remaining consistent are the keys to successfully potty training twins. Potty training can easily become a cycle where one minute they seem on track, and the next minute they backslide. It can turn into a frustrating chore. The best thing to do before tackling this phase in your growing twin’s lives is to be prepared. Prepare for the mess, prepare for the setbacks, and of course prepare for the day that you never have to buy another diaper or pull up again.

Check for Signs of Readiness

Parents usually start thinking about potty training when their kids are around two years of age. Age is just one determining factor of readiness. Successfully potty training twins depends on three things:

  • Ability to recognize the urge to go
  • Ability to hold it
  • Ability to release it into the potty

You’ll recognize readiness when they stay dry for longer periods of time like after naps or for at least two hours straight. It’s important for your twins to recognize and learn to use muscle control. This happens as early as two years old, but is usually not mastered until age three.

Ditch the Diapers and Pull Ups

In some cases relying on diapers or pull ups while potty training twins can delay progress. They make it hard for your children to experience the wetness and discomfort of accidents. Some parents find that their children just don’t bother to use the potty because they know that’s what pull ups are for!

If you’re not ready to let go of diapers and pull ups all together, commit to cutting back on their use while potty training twins. Rely on them mainly for overnight and when you know you will be away from home for more than a couple of hours.

Let them help pick out their new underwear. Really make a big deal about being able to wear big girl panties or big boy underwear. Explain to your twins over and over (and over) that everyone makes pee and poop and that it goes into the potty.

Start Potty Training Twins at the Same Time

Make it easy on yourself and start potty training them at the same time. It will give you a starting point to figure out what’s best for your twins. For instance, some twins are very competitive and potty training them together might reinforce the learning process; or you might realize that one twin is more interested than the other. If so, go ahead and move forward with the twin that’s ready first.

Potty training twins together works well for some, while others distract one another from the task at hand. If your twins are keeping one another from focusing on the potty, you may find it easier to separate them while training.

Get Two Potties

Some experts say you only need one potty when potty training twins, but that seems a lot like adding more stress to the situation than is necessary. You’ll want to get them on the potty as soon as they wake up in the morning, after meals and before bed to start. Having two potties will make your life a lot easier than trying to rotate one potty between them. Besides, you can pretty much count on them needing to use the potty at the same time.

Celebrate Each Success

Your twins thrive on your energy. They are excited by the applause and enthusiasm you show them for a job well done. Don’t hold back while potty training twins. Show them how proud you are of their efforts and success. Encourage your twins to keep it up with plenty of praise and excitement.

It takes patience and consistency when potty training twins. The calmer and more confident you are in this process, the better the outcome for everyone.