Are they twins?

The top ten most annoying questions asked by strangers to parents of twin infants.

Parents of twins and multiples have a lot of things in common. One of them is that perfect strangers come up to us on the street and ask some really stupid questions. Here are the top ten as voted by our online support group.

  1. Are they twins?” – No, we just had a double stroller, two car seats, two high chairs and two cribs laying around so we thought we better have two in a row.
  2. Are they identical?” – Uh one is a boy and one is a girl. You do the math. If they are identical you might go over the one placenta, possible fusing, and DNA testing story once or twice before just rolling your eyes at the next person to ask.
  3. Two for the price of one?” – This one makes me want to scream. As if my two babies require the same amount of formula, diapers, clothes, etc. as a singleton!
  4. Wow you must have your hands full?” – This one seems ok on the surface, but the person saying it rarely does so out of sympathy. Usually you can tell that what they mean is “wow you must have your hands full and I’m glad I’m not you!”
  5. Do twins run in your family?” – Do annoying strangers that bother obviously overstressed mothers at the mall run in yours?
  6. Did you take fertility drugs?” – Ok. Seriously. Where do people get off?
  7. Which one is the cute one?” – Which eye do you want blackened?
  8. Oh I had my kids 11 months apart, so I know what it’s like to raise twins” – This isn’t a question, but it is quite possibly the most annoying comment anyone can say to a mother of twins. If you haven’t raised multiples, then you have no idea what it’s like.
  9. How do you tell them apart?” – Oh darn their name tags fell off again. It’s back to the hospital for another DNA test.
  10. How do you do it?”  Ummmm…I don’t, I hide one in the closet and just pretend to only have one baby.

Have more annoying questions that people ask you about your twins? Tell us about them by leaving a comment below.